Institutes & Competence Centers

Institutes & Competence Centers

ICC Institute

The Institute for Compliance and Corporate Governance (ICC)

Offers research-related services in the area of compliance and corporate governance for companies as well as for public organizations and supports companies with a focus on compliance, corporate governance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. RFH Bachelor's and Master's degree courses complement this offer.

IfEU Institute

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Company Management (IfEU)

To work independently, implement one's own ideas and be able to live from the profits - "start-ups" offer a real alternative on the job market. However, start-ups often lack the skills needed to set up a business, as well as access to development laboratories, an infrastructure and a coordination office. This is where the IfEU Institute comes in.

iWFT Institute

Institute for Tool and Manufacturing Technology (iWFT)

As an institute with a strong orientation towards application, the iWFT sees itself as a link between production-oriented basic research and industrial applications. The institute's scientists develop holistic solutions and strategies for tomorrow's production in the core competencies of machining and additive manufacturing as well as the upstream and downstream disciplines of materials science and product development.

Medical Economics Institute

Institute for Medical Economics & Medical Care Research

Since 2002, the University of Applies Sciences Cologne has been training health economists for core areas in the pharmaceutical industry and hospital management in close cooperation with the associated Institute for Medical Economics & Medical Care Research.

The Institute for Medical Economics & Medical Care Research is the central location for all scientific studies and projects carried out at the university in the field of Medical Economics. The research projects focus on the evaluation of outpatient and inpatient treatment procedures [Health Technology Assessment (HTA)]. In addition, the integration of the patient's perspective into therapy decisions is of increasing importance in the field of Health Care Research and will be examined in more detail scientifically.

METIS Institute

The European Institute for Experience and Management

METIS is a joint research initiative between the FHWien der WKW and the University of Applied Sciences Cologne (RFH). The international institute conducts research projects on topics within the range “experience knowledge” and provides a transfer between science, economics and society.

Rideus Institute


Language is an expression of our personal culture and identity. It influences our actions and thinking. It makes us unique. Mastering the German language (grammar, spelling, vocabulary and rhetoric) is an essential determinant for success in university education in Germany. It is an essential prerequisite for enabling people to realize their potential - at school, at university and at work.

IPMI Institute

Institute for Project and Information Management

The institute focuses on three core topics, each with a focus on project management and/or information management:

  • Know-how and knowledge transfer: training and certification
  • Project support for companies and public institutions
  • International networks with universities and companies

Competence Center KIS

KIS – Competence Center for International Security

KIS bundles expert knowledge in the field of corporate security. Training and further education, interdisciplinary contract research, implementation of security systems, the in-service study course Compliance and Corporate Security LL.M and a new television format "Corporate Security TV" - the competence center is a leading think tank in the field of economic protection.