Business Partnership

Business Partnership

The innovative capacity of a society, which we understand as social innovation, is the basis of a society’s development and prosperity. In order to maintain it, science and industry must see themselves as partners, both nationally and internationally. Entrepreneurial thinking also in international contexts, with tailor-made study programs, dual courses of study with a high practical relevance and teachers from all parts of the world, are just a few of the key words that illustrate how much universities are currently changing and how important partnerships with companies have become in Europe and worldwide. This international dimension of cooperation has now also become relevant in small and medium-sized companies, which face similar challenges to large companies. Future professionals must be provided with answers to these challenges during their training and studies.

The RFH provides these requirements for practical and occupation-oriented studies in its programs. The results from this development are good occupational perspectives and well-qualified newcomers for a job market, which provides regional, national and international opportunities.

Companies wishing to cooperate with the RFH can do so in a number of ways, including

  • Combined conception of study courses and certificates
  • Placement of student application projects, also in international student groups
  • Co-supervision of theses, also in connection with a stay abroad for RFH students
  • Support and active participation in lectures by guest speakers, topics for project work, technical equipment, joint workshops, etc.
  • Internships and career entry opportunities, both for RFH students and guest students from international universities.
  • Announcement of scholarships for domestic as well as foreign RFH students
  • Cooperation in the recognition of non-university achievements
  • Support in personnel recruitment by the Recruiting and Placement Department (dual studies or placement of student trainees)
  • Partnership within the framework of the program "Competitive and top-class sport - career high²".

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the individual possibilities of a tailor-made partnership: .


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