Production Technology (M.Eng.)

Production Technology (M.Eng.)

Production technology currently is subject to a challenging process of change. Innovative concepts like Smart Factory, Machine Learning and Industry 4.0 are to be established worldwide. This requires highly specialized engineers capable to design, implement and maintain intelligent factories and production systems.

At a Glance

In most of the global key industries like automotive, food & beverages, chemistry, machine building etc. intelligent production systems are required in order to continuously improve productivity and competitiveness. Predominantly those solutions could not be picked off the shelf, but are to be tailored to suit the needs of the specific application. This calls for advanced engineering competences regarding e.g. automation, robotics, production planning, programming and simulation. Graduates of our master program Production Technology will gain all competences crucial to create and manage the intelligent production systems of the future.

Key Facts
Study Course:
Production Technology
Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
3 semesters / 18 months full time (90 credits)
Tuition Fees:
€ 12,600 in total (for international students)
Fees for student union:
€ 203.60 per semester (incl. public transport ticket)
Bachelor Degree in Mechanical / Electrical Engineering (or similar)
One year of professional experience or successful completion or ARC (Advanced Robotics Programming) course provided by GEMS / ARC


Our master program Production Technology contains a high share of practical work - a fact that will be highly appreciated by your future employer. During your studies you will execute transfer projects that will bring you directly in touch which our industrial partners. Among these are globally operating companies like Sandvik, Vaillant, igus, Deutz, Ford, AVL, Oerlikon and many others. As a „Master of Production Technology“ you will feature all skills and qualifications required to develop and maintain highly productive production systems. This makes you extraordinarly valuable for all industrial companies either in Germany of in your mother country.

Structure of Study Course

Your master studies of Production Technology will take three semesters including a master thesis which will be the main focus of your last semester.

Production Technology

CH = Contact Hours, (P) including transfer project

In the first semesters you will learn how to develop intelligent robotic solutions, to use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and neural networks. You will conduct transfer projects to apply these means in an industrial context in order to solve practical problems. By that way you will get familiar with common software solutions used to plan and simulate complex production systems. At the end of your studies you will be highly specialized in the optimization of production systems and the design and implementation of smart factories.

Application & Scholarships

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