International Marketing and Media Management (M.A.)

International Marketing and Media Management (M.A.)

In this bilingual postgraduate program, students acquire in-depth knowledge in international marketing and branding, the particularities of international businesses and international media management.

With the completion of this bilingual german-english Master program (accredited by FIBAA), you will be able to create ideal conditions for the path to an international management career in the occupational field of marketing, sales and advertising (consumer goods, retail, services and industrial goods), communications agencies and media-companies.

In addition to the international strategic orientation, graduates of this master's degree program acquire in-depth knowledge of offline and online marketing (SEA, SEO, influencers, display programmatic and affiliate, video-ads, social media, content marketing and e-mail marketing), e-commerce optimization and marketing automation etc. In the third semester you can (among other subjets), acquire the Google certificate and learn algorithms for big data applications in marketing.

This degree program provides the students with an in-depth management knowledge of their job. Internationalization and application orientation are in the foreground. The master is bilingual. The lectures are held in German and English. The master's program should impart to the students the core competences for tasks of the first to third management level.

The implementation of the guiding principle of the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH) enables postgraduates to solve problems in marketing and advertising, in media companies, media service companies and communication agencies. It should be emphasized that your qualification for the Master is also suitable for the higher service in the public sector of media regulation.

The RFH is the first university in Germany which has accredited this postgraduate program. Study at RFH with many internationally experienced lecturers!