International Certificates

International Certificates

Gain the critical skills you need to become an effectice business professional and conquer the international marketplace.

RFH comprehensive program covers topics ranging from international marketing, international business strategy, supply chain management, sales and innovation management as well as communication and advertising.

You can look forward to high-profile guest speakers who will share practical advice about issues and challenges they’ve faced working in the international business arena.

Knowledge You Can Apply Worldwide

As a student of RFH International Business Certificate program, you will gain:

  • Real-world knowledge and perspective necessary to meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving international business arena.
  • Working knowledge of all areas of international business.

More and more, countries around the world are becoming increasingly interconnected – both economically and technologically. To remain competitive, businesses actively seek employees with an understanding of and appreciation for the international marketplace.
Armed with your Certificate in International Business from RFH set to be a vital asset in the international business community. Whether you’re seeking a position in a corporate environment, government agency, or non-profit organization, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart.


International Business Certificate (IBC)

for international foreign students at Rheinische Fachhochschule Cologne, Germany (RFH)


ECPs = European Credit points
1 ECP = 25h workload
Time: 6 months/one Semester in Cologne/Germany
4 months lectures, 2 weeks exam

Price: 535 €/month or 3.210 €/Semester
(except incoming Erasmus students)

Language level: B2 (English)
For business-related Bachelor (from the 4th. semester) or master.