Study Programs

Study Programs

We are pleased that you have decided to study in Germany. We are even more pleased that you are interested in coming to the RFH in Cologne.

The RFH offers over forty Bachelor and Master courses of study - in the specialized areas of Engineering, Media, Medical Economics & Health, Economics & Law, as well as Logistics Management, Marketing and Communication Management. The RFH offers study forms for different needs and life situations. Students can choose the full-time variant and commit themselves completely to their studies, an occupation-accompanying further qualification - also through certificate courses of study - or dual studies. Together with our dual partners, we train new generations of junior employees who are prepared individually for their field’s respective requirements.

Here on the English-language pages we would like to inform you about the RFH’s English-language study program and show you further aspects, which might interest you as a foreign student. You will find the German-language study programs on the German sub-pages under the heading "Studium".

If you would like to study at the RFH, this is possible under the same conditions as for native students. If you would like to study at the RFH in German, you must prove your language level is at C1 for admission.

If you only want to study one or two semesters at the RFH as a foreign student, the admission requirements are easier. Please contact us by email.

The RFH also wants to contribute to the international positioning of the University of Applied Sciences model as an educational model with its specialized experience in application-oriented higher education. Internationalization is thus an integral component of RFH’s development and serves to complete and refine the university model. It is understood as a cross-sectional process, in which all organs of the academic mechanism are involved.