Exchange Students

Exchange Students

Are you interested in studying for one or two semesters at the RFH Cologne as an ERASMUS student? This is possible! We are a recognized ERASMUS university.

As with all other ERASMUS universities, the ERASMUS program at the RFH Cologne is subject to the same European formalities. You will find information about the requirements at your own university.

This is a declaration from your ERASMUS coordinator or course director who supports your stay abroad at the RFH Cologne. There is no form template for this.

Learning Agreement
The Learning Agreement is an agreement between you and our university. In the Learning Agreement, you specify the courses you would like to take. You can do this by researching the course pages on the RFH homepage. Send the completed agreement to the International Office. They will sign it there and send it back to you by email. The signed Learning Agreement is the preliminary confirmation that you are enrolled at the RFH upon arrival in Cologne.

After signing the Learning Agreement and arriving in Cologne, you have to contact 'Admission' at RFH Köln (Schaevenstr. 1, 50676 Köln)

Letter of Confirmation
At the end of your stay at the RFH, you will receive a Letter of Confirmation confirming your stay at the RFH.